MDBY is a platform from which we feature artists who  use craft and crafts people who make art. We seek to inspire by interviewing artists and designers to discuss their principles, objectives and how their practice began. Showing the artists’ work, their creative processes and the production involved in realising each piece, provides a window to the public for artists who often are not yet fully established in their profession. We present the work of people who live off of what they love. For them, “to work” is the same as “to live”.

The main goal of the ARTISAN HUB’14 exhibition is to create a network between national and international artists. The HUB connects emerging and established artists, making it possible to interact and exchange. Through our series of workshops we hope to connect different artistic languages and create opportunities to develop cultural and artistic knowledge. We encourage the establishement of projects and initiatives to revalue the work of artists who design and fabricate independently.